Inherited Traits by John Folsom

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inherit/recieving of parent's genes.
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Inherited traits are when a parent passes down their genes to their young. The genes of something pretty much tell whether something will have brown hair, blue eyes, and purple skin or not. If bear parents had black hair, most likely their cubs will too. Half of your genes, come from each of your parents, so that is why twins look alike (they have close to the same genes), and strangers look different(they have completely different genes). This also works the same way with plants.external image punnett+square+green+peas.jpg
A way to find out wether a plant will have a different color, is to use a punnett square. A punnett square is divided into sections and tells when a plant will be a color different than it's parents. It all has to do with dominant and recessive genes. If one parent plant is green and one is yellow, the new plant would be yellow. Green would be a dominant gene and yellow would be a recessive gene. If a dominant and recessive gene mix, their young will have dominant and recessive genes, if that plant makes seeds with another dominant and recessive plant, the plant will have just recessive genes (the punnett square above shows this).

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