What are minerals?

Minerals are in your breakfast. There are minerals in the utensils you use everyday. A mineral is a solid that is made of regular arrangement of particles.

Properties of minerals
  • magnetism

  • texture

  • luster

  • hardness

  • shape

  • streak


Some minerals are magnetic. Shown below is a picture of a mineral that has a magnetic property.

external image lodestone-magnetite-magnetic.jpg


Texture is the way a mineral feels. Minerals that are waxy and polished have a smooth texture. Minerals that are sandy feel rough.


Luster is the way a mineral looks when light is reflected off its surface.

If a mineral has a metallic luster it would look like polished.


Some minerals are harder than others. The Mohs scale is used to tell how hard an object is ( using a scale from 1-10) Diamonds are the hardest minerals and they're rated 10 on the Mohs scale.


Sometimes identifying the shape of the mineral is challenging. they come in all shapes.

Streakexternal image 50.jpg

The streak of the mineral is the color of it in its powder form. Sometimes an objects streak is a different color than the mineral.Powdered chalk is a form of limestones streak.


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