by: Bryant Papka The Food Chain and Energy Pyramid

The food chain and webs

  • All organisms need food water and energy to live, thats why there is a food chain
  • A food chain is all the animals and what we eat
  • Humans are at the top of a food chain because we eat almost all things

energy pyramids

  • Plants store some of there energy that they get from the sun, water and soil to get them through the winter
  • Bigger animals eat smaller animals for food and energy
  • A energy pyramid is all the energy from one animal to another


  • consumers are orginsms that eat other animals because they cant make there own food
  • some consumers are humans, ducks, and many more


  • producers are organisms that can make there own food, like plants
  • producers make there own food from the energy of the sun light and the chemicals in nature
    the food chain
    the food chain

a energy pyramid
a energy pyramid

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