Propteries of MatterBy: Harley Ramba

Vocabulary/Key Words
vAtom: The Smallest Unit of a pure substance that has the same property of that substance.
vCompound: A substance made of two or more different atoms that have combined chemically.
vConcentrated: A solution that has so much solute that is relatively close to being saturated.
vDilute: A solution that is far from being saturated.
vElement: matter that is made up of only one atom.
vNeutron: Has No electrical charge.
vElectron: Negatively charged atom.stain_glass.jpg
  • There are 100 basic kinds of matter they are called elements.
  • You can measure the volume of something if you find the length,width,and height the formula is V=L x W x H.
  • Say if you got a graduated cylinder with 50 millimeters inside it and drop a toy car inside and then it is 60 milliliters the volume of the car is 10 mililiters
  • Density=(D=M/V)
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Recorces:Brain Pop
Stain Glass Collage
Foresman, Scott. Science- Seeing Learning in a Whole New Light. Pages 338-361. 2007.

SC.5.P.8.1 Compare and contrast the basic properties of solids, liquids, and gases, such as mass, volume, color, texture, and temperature.
SC.4.P.8.1 Measure and compare objects and materials based on their physical properties including: mass, shape, volume, color, hardness, texture, odor, taste, attraction to magnets.
SC.3.P.8.1 Measure and compare temperatures of various samples of solids and liquids.