The Scientific Process

By: Shriya Parmar


Investigation/ A procedure carried out carefully.

Science/ Is the study of the natural world

Evidence/ Is infomation collected during a scientific investigation

Opinion/ Is a belief or judgement

What Scientist Do

All scientist observe or use their five sences to collect information.

Scientist compare with other scientist what they found what they could do about it.

Scientist uses observation to collect information by using there senses

They use inferenceto to get a idea or a conclusion based on there observation

Meet Scientist

There are some diffrent scientist

  • Botanist

  • Taxonomist

A Botanist is a person who does Plants

A Taxonomist is a person who identify types of living things


Astronomers ask questions about how the universe works so they could find these things in space

1. Novas

2. Black Holes

3. Galaxies

Astronomers measure the space distance in units called light-year, light year is how far the light is from one year

of the Earth that is how the light travels to the Earth.


Botanist investigate questions about plants, some of them study how the enviormental conditions affect the plants in the life cycle.


Taxonomist are soem scientist who identify types of living things in the enviorment they also classify them by how they are related.That is when you organize objects.


Paleontologist are people who find fossils and bones, they observe the landscape to find fossils.


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