By: (Katy) Perrine

(I'll be explaing most of these things...)


Mechanical Weathering:The breaking down of rocks into smaller peices by any physical force such as gravity, water, wind, ice, or living organisims.

Chemical Weathering: The changing of materials in a rock by chemical process.

external image Mechanical_weathering_of_a_cement_bollard_-_20110501.jpg

Mechanical Weathering------------

How it happens.

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Weathering usually has to do with rocks and metal. Shown above is mechanical weathering and how it happens. Below is chemical weathering.

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external image images?id=309348
Chemical Weathering

As you can see, rust is forming on this metal. Here's an experement. Take a shiny new screw of some sort, and put it in a small pan of water. Wait two to three days and see what happens. Rust forms on the nail and makes an orangy-red color. This is an exampler of chemicals reacting with each other.


-There are two different kinds of weathering.

-Chemical weathering usually creates rust and mosses such as litchen and spanish moss.
-Mechanical weathering usses rain and plants.

Here's a Brainpopto wrap it up!


Describe the basic differences between physical weathering (breaking down of rock by wind, water, ice, temperature change, and plants) and erosion (movement of rock by gravity, wind, water, and ice).

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